How to Prepare your Student Profile for Millions of Viewers every year

Improve and associate your online presence with PolyU Design, the leading Design School in Asia

SD web connects you to opportunities, whether it is from a future employer, a potential partner for collaboration, or an investor for your crowd-funding project.

SD web employs a responsive design and is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) friendly. Information/ images/ videos added to SD web are organized and optimized to be seen and searched on various platforms, and consequently, your online exposure will be enhanced.

The 30-min briefing will cover the following:

  • Useful Info for Students 
  • Student Login (SD Domain) 
  • Create Student Profile 
  • Use HTML Editor 
  • Add Projects (Individual & Team) 
  • Customize Images for Cover/ Profile / Project Images  
  • Add Videos 
  • Add Tags 
  • Integrate Social Media Accounts 
  • SEO Tips (URL Alias, Image URL, Image Description, Title)