Global Studio 2018

Participating Institutions

Host: Environment and Interior Design (EID), School of Design, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong. 

Interior & Spatial Design, Faculty of Design, Architecture and Building, The University of Technology Sydney, Australia.

Hong Kong’s A Square Foot Society

The 2018 International Studio elaborated on the square-foot-society (Bruyns, 2017) as spatial and social concept. In essence, the square-foot-society concept articulates both domestic usage within Hong Kong’s neoliberal landscape whilst posing larger questions related to the standardization of all forms of ‘lived’ space. First, based on the understanding of how people tactically shape their ‘lived’ space, the ‘ft2 concept represents domestic lifestyles, spatial engagement, human endeavour, religious practices, forms of public redress and cultural beliefs. As second aim the concept critiques speculative ‘models’ which define indexes of spatial use, policy register, gradations of living types and legality that leads to social compression.

The studio was conducted as part of the PolyU Design’s Environment and Interior Design Programme.

Support faculty included: Carmen Blanco (UTS), Gonzalo Valiente (UTS), Peter Hasdell (POLYU), Daniel Elkin (POLYU), Marco Lam (POLYU), Lee Ching Veronica (POLYU), Gerhard Bruyns (POLYU) – Convener. 

Specialist: Tommy CC. Ho - Concerning Grassroots' Housing Rights Alliance  

Participating students included: Vina Purwantoro , Gigi Jia Zhen LI, Teagan Lee Crean , Vera Marcuta, Jordan Darin , Subha Trehan Trehan, Atreya Aron Fain, Anastasia Naomi Rassan , Emma Kate Anastasio, Stephanie Louise Dousa, Daniella Alexandra De La Harpe , Ha Been Kim , Chloe Louise Lamberton , Kiaran Daniel Bryant , Emily Alice Stuart-Jones, Emily Chebaia, Chan Man Yee, Yeah Man Ian Lincoln

Instagram: Hk_polyueid