GASP! Art Alive @ Park! public art exhibition in Kowloon Park

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At the invitation of LCSD’s APO (Leisure and Cultural Services Department’s Arts Promotion Office), and in collaboration with environmental concern association SU.R.E. (SUstainable Renewable Energies) and sustainable energy engineering innovation partner Motorwave Group, PolyU Design students will work at producing a series of interactive educational sustainable energy demonstration fixtures imbued with poetry and humour, to be exhibited in Kowloon Park from December 21, 2010 to February 28, 2011.

The playful nature of the works will engage the public and park visitors to reflect critically on sustainable consumption and urban lifestyles, as they leisurely enjoy the green environment of Kowloon Park’s gardens.

Two separate PolyU Design groups from the Environmental and Interior Design, Industrial and Product Design, and Visual Communication Disciplines, one made of current students, the other of recent graduates, will produce concepts and finalize designs for the fixture series. While the first group will ideate and execute works over the course of the 3rd year compulsory “Co-operative Workshop” subject, the second will co-operate with the project leader on a more independent basis, as “Budding” professionals.

In attempting to explore the relationship between science, space and people in a park environment, participating designers will integrate sustainable science with conceptual art and realize playful two-dimensional, three-dimensional, or kinetic interpretations of concepts explored at the junction of the urban and the natural environments.

Works displayed will engage the public on and raise awareness of environmental issues. Seminars and guided tours will be organized during weekends and public holidays in due course to invite the artists/designers, visitors and the public to participate in creative and interpretative events.

Supporting organizations

Presented by Leisure & Cultural Services Department 康樂及文化事務署
Organized by Art Promotion Office 藝術推廣辦事處
Curatorial Collaborator Community Art Network 社群藝術網絡

Artistic Collaborators:
Hong Kong Baptist University香港浸會大學
The Chinese University of Hong Kong香港中文大學
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University香港理工大學
The University of Hong Kong香港大學

GASP! Artistic Partners:
- SU.R.E. – SUstainable Renewable Energies, Advocacy for Sustainable Development
- Motorwave Group, Sustainable Renewable Energy Technology Innovation

Exhibition Project Team

Rémi Leclerc, Exhibition Curator
Lo Wah Kei, SD PAA, Project Administrative Assistant
Marsha Lui, Executive Production Consultant
Christian Masset (SU.R.E.), Partner, Advocacy for Sustainable Development
Lucien Gambarota (Motorwave Group), Partner, Renewable Energy Technologies

Participating Designers

PolyU Design BA (Hons) in Design EID, IPD and VC Yr3 Students
PolyU Design BA (Hons) in Design EID, IPD, and VC Graduates
Benny Lau, designer, educator