Studio Exhibition - Product Design

SD3468 FURNITURE DESIGN (extension show with real 1:1 furniture model)

by BA (Hons) Scheme in Design / Product Design — Year 4
Tutors: Brian Lee
Sponsor: Program Contractor Ltd. (HK)
Project title: “Bridging the soul, body and material"

Subject Background
In view of considering furniture as a 'transitional' seating platform – the transition between tension and relaxation, bodily interaction and spiritual interaction, appreciation of environment and internalization of oneself, the design attempts to explore and shape the meaning about connecting peoples, activity and environment. The subject SD3468 Furniture Design is formulated to scrutinize, question and explore through prototyping the abovementioned ideas and to seek for opportunity to implement the concept innovatively. The subject is offered to year 3 and 4 students of BA (Hons) in Product Design. Some students attempt to, for instance, reframe the concept of boundary (e.g. restriction & openness), to introduce interaction in ordinary place without attention, or to redefine or alter the visual perception towards proportion, weight and tactile experience.

Project leader: Brian Lee李宇軒
Sponsor: CITYPLUS by Program Contractors Ltd.