SDWorks | Fashion Accessories (2014) Mini Exhibition

Lifestyle accessories are highly visible statements of aesthetics and personality. These objects are worn or used as much for public recognition as personal satisfaction.

The course teaches students to consider all the aspects of sizing, fit, comfort, personal vanity and self-image in their designs.

Tutors: Ernesto Spicciolato & Cassandra Postema

Students of Fashion Accessories Class 2014:
China, Johnny, Sally, Yana, Phoebe, Kelly, Jasmine, Ivy, Hazel, Scarlet, Kaki, Emily, Terry, Eddy, Rachel, Cammy, Katy, Long, Levi, Vivian, Nicole, Momi, Josie, Kevin, Iris, Scot, Jeffrey, JS, Jacqueline, Tom, Hugo, Filip