SDWorks Exhibition | Expression Through Paper

Expression Through Paper Exhibition shows the artworks made by Product Design Year 1 students. Under the guidance from tutor Scott Chin in the subjects SD1402 and SD1403, the students learn 3D design principles and apply them on paper model making.

SD1402  3D Communications 1 - Fundamentals

This subject begins building the foundation that provides the student the capability to fluently represent their ideas in three dimensions. Introduction to the use of workshop tools, the materials used and the safe operation of the tools are addressed.

Project: 3D model making using section profile
Exercise on construction of section profile using orthographic projection drawing. Students need to build a 1 to 1 scale model using paper board.

SD1403 Development of Form & Space

The aim of this subject is to provide students with an in-depth knowledge of 3D design principles, form aesthetics and the notion of semantic transfer in product design. Through the introduction of theories and thorough practice, students will learn essential techniques in the employment of the semantics and devise of aesthetics in product design. The subject also introduces basic concepts of design communication, aesthetic principles, visual perceptions, cognitive psychology and spatial experience.  

Project: Expression on adjectives antonyms
Based on their 2 dimensional interpretation exercises on chosen adjective antonyms from the 1st assignment, students need to represent the meaning and feeling of each word by using Linear, planar and combination of both flow form in 3D RELIEF forms, using paper boards.

Tutor: Scott Chin