Empathic Design and Services by Tuuli Mattelmäki

Empathic design has a key building block of design research in Helsinki since the end of the nineties. Its two-fold objective of making sense of people on the one hand, and, for creating openings for design on the other, has been adopted and elaborated by many practitioners and researchers alike. This talk looks at how empathic design has been applied to service design and issues communities need to face. Its specific focus is on design-specific methods, processes, and outcomes. The talk describes several PhD and post-doctoral level cases in Helsinki and its surroundings, and shows how they build on earlier work in design. Specifically, the focus is on how designers have collaborated with service networks and service development with public organizations.

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PolyU Design Public Lecture: Empathic Design and Services by Tuuli Mattelmäki

Tuuli Mattelmäki 
Professor, PhD

Department of Design, Aalto University, Helsinki

Tuuli Mattelmäki is Associate Professor of Industrial Design at Aalto University. Her doctoral thesis on 'Design Probes' from 2006 has been among the pioneering research in the field. Her research interests cover empathic design, co-design and design for services and she is inspired in exploring co-creative practices in new application fields of design including public services. In 2008 Tuuli was the industrial designer of the year in Finland for her achievements in design research.

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