Studio Exhibition (10/F): Interior Materialism[s]

This exhibition is showcasing the work of our Year-4 student's Capstone Project.

Within the design fields one the most influential condition remains that of the material expression of ideas and intentions. How and in what format design manifests guides design projects and their outcomes.

Exhibited here is the collection of two such projects. 3-DIMENSIONAL DESIGN METHODOLOGY attempts to formulate a methodology of how the material skin of elevations are expressed three dimensionally. The interlocking casting method is harnessed to become volumes surfaces of expression, while testing the resilience of concrete and its elasticity. With this as reference the material expression changes the manner of spatial experience, dependant on what scale the object / artefact is observed at.

In contrast the cubic and angularity of INTERIOR LONGEVITY challenges the lifespan of both building elements and design. Through a yearlong experiment, this project asks if a building or space last forever? Inspired by Carlo Scarpa’s 1:1 experimental and material understanding, it is here suggested that through sequential renovation any spatial project’s building lifespan would be prolonged dependant on the number of layers added. Each experimental block, element and material combination forms part of this research and its approach to the material and the interior.

Student exhibitors: Sun Shu Man & Man Ting Fung 
Capstone Tutor: Kuo Jze Yi