Studio Exhibition - Environment and Interior Design

Y1 STUDIO | 2015 Spring

In this subject, students were engaged in a series of exercises that guided them towards the design of the Skyscraper Living unit.


This series of exercises are called tectonic explorations and they formed the essential fundamental training of an architectural designer. The training will help student to understand:

  • The abstraction of space
  • Basic architectural concept vocabularies
  • Grid system
  • To appreciate the importance of model making craftsmanship

Students needed to conduct an interview with a real Client, who owns an apartment for a single dweller and has an occupation. The Client will was designated through a lucky draw:

They have translated an abstract Cube design into a working/ living space fitting the client’s character; injecting materiality, lighting, gravity and energy into the Cube. 

Teaching team: Wong Kwok Choi Kacey, Geraldine Borio, Yuen Man To Manfred