Studio Exhibition (10/F): Tracing Shadow - drawing light and shadow

The Advanced Drawing Techniques for Spatial Design course explored the notion of light and shadow and its transformable three-dimensional effect on space.

A two weeks cycle of linked drawing and model series form the basis of a process orientated project testing different representation techniques as well as understanding the construction and creation of shadow mapping. The conceptual approach is a dialogue between analysis, translation and interpretation exploring the notion of light and shadow and its transformable three-dimensional effect on space.

Exhibition Week 1

Period: 23 - 30 Nov 2018

Students are showcasing their work of traced shadow drawings from the Jockey Club Innovation Tower designed by Zaha Hadid, generating a vocabulary of spatial transformation by observing and processing the metamorphosis of dimensions and structure in relation to natural light and shade during the cycle of one day. 

The various time based transformation of shade during one day are superimposed and further translated into a three-dimensional physical model.


Exhibition Week 2

Period: 30 NOV - 7 DEC 2018

Following up on the three-dimensional interpretation of the shadow into a physical model, a part of the physical model is drawn in plan and elevation in order to construct the shadow of that part by the means of descriptive geometry using an artificial light source. Those hand drawings demonstrate that shadow being an intangible notion can be created into mathematical conceived forms and shapes. Those shadows are furthermore explored in three-dimension again using 3D Computer software to re-interpret it's volumetric appearance, become unfolded and re-constructed as a physical model once more.


Anneli Giencke

Credits: (Year 1 - Year 4 EID students)

AU-YEUNG Lok Hang Matthew 
CHEUNG Wing Shan Alice
CHOI Ka Man Carman
CHOW Man Tak Milton
CHUNG Kwong Tung Anthony
LAI Yu Nga Kathie
LAW Tsz Kin Charles
LEE Ka Chun Clarence
LEUNG Cheuk Sum Sumjai
LEUNG Tsz Shan Sharon
LO Tsun Julian
MA Kwan To Sean
TANG Siu Yeung
TANG Yayi Arya 
TSANG Hau Chi Flora
TSE Man Yan Allison
WONG Nap San Kelvin
WONG Po Yi Tia  
YAO Xiaoqian Ariana
YEUNG Chi Hang Gideon
YU Chun Lok Eric
Tsoi Ka Ming Kevin