Studio Exhibition (10/F): Line and body

“The Eye has to Travel”
Diana Vreeland, 2011

Hand drawing is a key ability in the understanding of the environment. Working from the body outwards, designers allow their eyes to ‘travel’ (Vreeland, 2011), between objects, spaces, voids, light and intensities. With the eyes see the minds contemplate.


In order to open the explorative notions, students were given the opportunity to deepen their hand drawing skills through Body Drawing. Each session forced students into sketch mode with fast 5-minute vignettes. Thereafter longer sessions allowed for the development of a technique or a way of drawing. Overall, a total of 60 drawings represent this exercise and its bearing on line, style, medium and understanding of the human body.



G Bruyns


Ada (YIU Yim Wa)
Dixon (NGAI Tak Lung)
Jeremy (YAU Yat Wah)
Arya (Yayi TANG)
Adrian (CHAN Chi Hin)
Ginny (TING Wing)
Ivan (LAW Tsz Ho)
Julian (LO Tsun)
Annis (MA Wing Yee)
Nelca (Wan Chi Yuen)
Cyrus (Law Kwun Long)
Koko (Tam Kwan Yiu)
Alison (Wu Yee)
Stanley (SIU Siu Ting)
Man (CHAN Man Yu)
Euncie (YU Pik Kei)
Sammy (YEUNG Sum Yi)