EID Lecture Series | Shenzhen Noted: Rethinking Urban Villages​

EID Lecture Series | Shenzhen Noted: Rethinking Urban Villages​


Shenzhen Noted: Rethinking Urban Villages

Speaker Info:

Mary Ann O’Donnell is An anthropologist by training, Mary Ann O’Donnell has conducted ethnographic research in Shenzhen since 1995, aiming to make legible the shifting cultural landscapes of China’s flagship Special Economic Zone. Interests and interventions include Handshake 302, a collectively run art space in Baishizhou; Shenzhen Noted, a blog that theorizes post socialist urbanization in Shenzhen; and ongoing collaboration with Fat Bird Theatre, Shenzhen. Her research has been published in TDR: The Drama Review, positions: East Asian cultures critique, and Cultural Studies Special Issue on Hong Kong. O’Donnell is an editor at Architectural Worlds (Shenzhen University) and the Director of the Urban Village Special Forces, a citizen group that aims to bring Shenzhen’s urbanized villages into public discussions about urban planning and renewal projects.