Studio Exhibition (P/F): Hong Kong’s Critical Urban Topographies & Morphologies. The City Interior as Compression and Extensions of Light.

Italo Calvino’s Le città invisibili [Invisible Cities], first published in 1972 and translated in 1978, explores the fine line between reality and the imaginary aspects of cities within literature. Penned within its pages are the landscapes of fifity five urban settings, in eleven urban themes. These range from ‘City & Memory’, ‘Cities & Desire’, ‘Cities & Signs’, ‘Thin Cities’, ‘Trading Cities’, ‘Cities & Eyes’, ‘Cities & Names’, ‘Cities & the Dead’, ‘Cities & the Sky’, ‘Continuous Cities’ and ‘Hidden Cities’, linking the fluid, temporal and ephemeral conditions of cities with that of the sky, memory, desire, signs, the dead and eyes.

In this year 3 project, that spans the full semetser, students are meant to read and interpret a specific urban landscape described in one of the Calvino texts. Thereafter the focus is to three-dimensionally explore the narratives through tectonics, thickenings, tessellations, laminations, structure, folding, pattern, modularity and pop-up that interpret the spatial quality described in the specific narrative.

The final outcomes is to design light conditions in these settings, reapplying the technological skills from semester 1 in the products devleoped here.

Credit list:

Students from Year 3

AU-YEUNG Lok Hang, CHAN Hiu Ching, CHAN Wing Kei, CHAN Yat Hei, CHEN Limin, CHEUNG Tsz Ching Gigi, CHEUNG Wing Shan, CHOI Ka Man, CHOU Yu-hsuan, CHOW Man Tak, CHUNG Kwong Tung, CHUNG Man Yu Carry, HOPKINS Gemma Kate, KOO Wing Ni, LAI Man Lam, LAM Ka Siu, LAM Wing Nam, LAW Tsz Kin Charles, LEE Chung Pan, LEUNG Cheuk Sum, LI Shuk Wun, MA Kwan To, MA Wing Kwan, NG Mei Yuk, NIU Chang, SHEN Yifan, SHIU Shuk Man, TAI Hiu Huen, WANG Yuling, WONG Hoi Ching, WONG Nap San Kelvin, WONG Po Yi, WU Mingyue, YAO Xiaoqian, YEUNG Chi Hang, YIN Jiali, YUEN Ying Ching.

Subject Name:

Studio V


Melissa Cate Christ
Anneli Giencke
Sjoerd Hoekstra
Gerhard Bruyns [Coordinator]