dupliCITY Exhibition by Alex Ma

PolyU Design's alumnus Mr Alex Ma is having his sole photography exhibition on 10 - 20 Jan 2013 at the SD Gallery.




Alex Ma’s solo exhibition dupliCITY opens to public from 10 to 20 January 2013 at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Hong Kong born Alex Ma has been living in Sydney since 1985. He was the first Chinese sponsored by a leading Australian design company under the skilled migrant category as a designer. He is well recognised as leading Chinese designer in Sydney and received many awards and prizes.

Alex is disciplined from a broad spectrum of art forms, he graduated in Graphic Design and Three Dimensional Design from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in1975 and 1977 respectively. He holds a Graduate Diploma in Design from University of Technology, Sydney, and Master Degree in Multi-media Design from University of Sydney. He is now a Ph D research fellow in Film and Digital Arts of the same university.

Alex was the director and art director of his company 1A Communication which set up in 1979 in Hong Kong. He also taught Graphic Design and Airbrush Illustration in the Hong Kong University Extra Mural in the 80’s before he migrated to Australia.

"Alex has nurtured the idea of doing dupliCITY: reflections of Two Cities for a long time” according to the exhibition’s curator Nancy Ma.

"It is the perfect time to present Alex’s work which has contained a theme of two cities and two cultures as part of the Hong Kong SAR’s celebration of its 15th year anniversary in Australia. I have also invited the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Australia) Association to take part to co-present this Exhibition in Sydney, because the year of 2012 was the 75th anniversary of PolyU where Alex started and built his strong academic background." Nancy says.

dupliCITY was exhibited in Sydney in August and September 2012. The opening was officiated by Professor Timothy W Tong, President of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and The Hon Philip Ruddock, MP, former Minister for Immigration and citizenship, former Attorney General of Australia. It was held in Sydney at the Hong Kong House – Hong Kong Economic and Trade office - government of the Hong Kong in Australia.

"It is highly relevant to present this exhibition in Hong Kong as well, because Alex’s work is about Hong Kong and Sydney. As an alumni of PolyU and honorary advisor of Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Australia) Association. It is especially meaningful for his work be exhibited at the School of Design Gallery of PolyU. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Design Department and PolyU for their sponsorship." Nancy Ma says.

"Alex uses his lens and digital techniques to demonstrate the complex web and interplay of people, places, and events of two cities that he loves and with which he holds strong emotional ties. With his creative artistry, painting skills, dramatic composition and manipulation of colours, Alex achieves a truly remarkable series of contemporary masterpieces." Nancy Ma continues.

"Apart from pleasing aesthetics, the work shows Alex Ma’s personal style, his diverse skills in different art forms and his appreciation of the people and their humanity, wherever they are, whatever cultural heritage they come from. The realism in the images contrasts the differences in lifestyles under two different cultures and yet, there are the remarkable unity and commonality in their humanity"

"Whether they are eating, drinking, shopping, spending their leisure hours, people spontaneously display their relationship with their environment. Whether this relationship is in harmony or in conflict, the environment is but a backdrop to the human activities. In this respect, Sydney and Hong Kong are remarkably similar, beautiful, supportive, benign and pulsating with humanity."

"This is why Alex loves them both, this is why the transplantation of emotional roots has been so successful, and this is why his presence is always felt among his work. His absence reflects his presence. It is a hidden, unspoken bond of love perhaps all immigrants to Australia will maintain. He calls it ‘Two lands bonded by one heart’."

"Viewers of his work, whether they are from Sydney or Hong Kong, will find them attractive but intriguing. They will try to search for the familiar landmarks that they know, and find that they have been ingeniously merged and mutated to become a new landscape. In a multicultural and cross-cultural society, this is the unrecognised cultural reality."

Through Alex’s work, he conveys the message that under globalization, human beings are drawn closer to each other, their relationships can be enhanced by mutual respect, acceptance, accommodation, tolerance, trust as well as from appreciating and learning from each other’s differences. He exemplifies that as we become more broad-minded, we are more willing to accept diversity with ease.

"I use natural lighting, on location shots of people’s spontaneous expressions, conflict situations in their natural environment. I later use digital techniques to manipulate colour, tone and hue to transform the images into a new surreal cityscape, which encapsulates the title dupliCITY." Alex says

"Alex’s exhibition is a contemporary multi-media, multi-tiered production, merging traditional art with the technology of this century. He indicates that unless we change with time, we will be left behind." Nancy Ma says,

Alex Ma states "Civilization is moving, digital civilization is waiting ahead!"

Exhibition of dupliCITY will be on show between 10 January to 20 January 2013, 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday at School of Design Gallery, Core A, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Website: alexma.com.au