Doctoral Education in Design Conference 2011 - Practice, Knowledge, Vision


The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) School of Design and Swinburne University of Technology Faculty of Design announce a conference on the challenges and opportunities of doctoral education that will take place in Hong Kong, at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

It is nearly a decade since the last global conference and it's time to revisit this issue for a conversation on this vital theme in design education.

We'll start the dialog with a dinner on Sunday, and follow with three full days of intense discussion and workshops with a limited community of 120 participants. Papers will be selected for a rich dialog in single track plenary sessions. Tuesday's plenary will be followed by a day of design workshops in which participants address key problems and challenges, designing solutions and outcomes for the future.

Papers will be delivered to participants three weeks before the conference to give everyone time to prepare for the discussions. The conference publication will be published afterward. Authors will be asked for a commitment to deliver a book chapter within 90 days of their return home from the conference. This book will allow people to expand and improve their papers with new insights and ideas based on the conference conversation.

Studios will create process documents and solutions for publication in working paper format.

The book and the working papers will stimulate new thinking to help our colleagues around the world to set new standards for our field.

Save these dates! Full information and website to follow.


Lorraine Justice, Director
School of Design
Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Ken Friedman, Dean
Faculty of Design
Swinburne University of Technology



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