Designers Inbetween Global Premiere

Designers Inbetween Global Premiere

Introducing Designers Inbetween, a revealing documentary about the inner workings of the creative industry, its inhabitants and the challenges faced, set against the urban backdrop of Hong Kong. This film is the first of its kind and quickly takes viewers into the heart of the city as it weaves an indelible magic as firsttime documentary filmmakers, Jonathan Ramalho, Oliver Lehtonen create an incredibly insightful, informative, brave and honest account of the state of affairs.

Jonathan Ramalho, Oliver Lehtonen met for the first time during their multidisciplinary studies at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design. Their personal interest towards working in Asia motivated by pool of successful entrepreneurs they had met along the way took them on a journey to discovery. China´s manufacturing process has paved the way for creative talents from all over the world to set up shop in Hong Kong, and this documentary is a window into a whole world of opportunity and experience. For aspiring designers and students of design, we believe this film offers the truest account of design practices. From designers to entrepreneurs to startups and professionals, ‘Designers Inbetween’ is for everybody interested to see up close and personal the incredible journeys of some amazing stories. The documentary features a collection of top creatives from various fields of the design industry. Among the interviewees is the world famous international designer, Michael Young, Henry Steiner the man behind HSBC’s logo. Venture capitalist Simon Squibb founder of Nest, Roger Ball, professor of product design and author of Design Direct – How To Create Your Own Microbrand, founder of fashion label Tangram, Paola Sinisterra to name a few.  

Kickstarter Initiative

We have invested everything we had into making this film whilst juggling graduation and internships. We made this film as a project after studying in Hong Kong, but it took on a life of its own and pushed us to present the best possible film we can make and the return to Hong Kong to finish the film. However we need you help to bring this to reality. So far we have done all the filming, storylines and rough edit by ourselves. The money raised on Kickstarter will allow us to pay for a professional production house to produce the high quality post production with colour grading, sound processing and motion graphics. We would also like to finish the film with the perfect sound track.  With your support, we will also be able to attend the first Global Premier during Business of Design Week 2014 in Hong Kong. For more information on Kickstarter, please visit HERE.

Global Launch of Designers Inbetween

Designers Inbetween global premiere will be held at Zaha Hadid´s famous Innovation tower in The Hong Kong Polytechnic University 5th December during the Hong Kong Business of Design Week.

PolyU Design is proudly supporting the documentary as a Venue Sponsor and Launch Partner.