"Design to be Made 1 and 2" Exhibition

After researching materials and industrial processes Product Design Year 1 students have come up with new ideas for simple functional products. The prototypes of tealight holders and chopstick rests are on display.

Subject tutors and organizers: Philine Bracht, Tim Fletcher
Tel: +852 2766 4640, +852 2766 5459

About the Subject:
I-PD Year 1, Semester 2
Materials and Processes for Designing New Products

SD2437 and SD2438 “Design to be Made 1 and 2”

Subject tutors:
Philine Bracht, Tim Fletcher

SD2437 (4 weeks):
Materials research - see projection
Outcome: ppt group Presentations 10min.
Full Reports – collated as their materials resource e-book

SD2438 – (3 weeks):
Design of a simple object with specification of materials and manufacturing processes and prototype it
Outcome: 30 ideas, 3 concepts,
1 design development, technical drawing
2 prototypes, manufacturing specification

Materials researched:
-Hardwoods & Softwoods
-Textiles, Leather and Paper
-Plywood and Laminates
-Thermoset Plastics and Foams
-Composite Materials
-Elastomers (Synthetic &Natural)

Design task:
Either Tea Light Holder or Chopstick Rest

Peer Feedback Session:
Students had a chance to give and get qualified feedback from their peers to key points of their design ideas and display

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