"Design on Foot" Exhibition @ SD Gallery

SD2020 is the code of a subject titled: “Culture Revisited – The use of Media in ‘Making’”. It is one of the elective subjects developed for the curriculum of the Higher Diploma in Multimedia Design and Technology in 2002.

Following the phasing out of the diploma programme in design, the School of Design of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University developed and launched the Higher Diploma in Multimedia Design and Technology in 1999 as a response to the digital technology advancement in the design industry. After running the programme for a couple of years, it was quickly aware that due to the emphasis on computing technology and the digital media, there was a deficiency in contextual and cultural studies in the curriculum. Also lacked of was the training of hand skills with tactile media as a source of creative exploration.

Upon careful review, the elective subject of “Culture Revisited – The use of Media in ‘Making’” was developed and proposed as a supplement for the Higher Diploma Programme. Its aim is to expand the students’ vision of multimedia design by a comparative study of the lifestyles of a foreign city and Hong Kong. One major, indispensible core component of the subject “Culture Revisited – The use of Media in ‘Making’” is a study field trip to a foreign city. Over the nine years since the subject was first implemented, students of different cohorts have visited Singapore, Penang and Kuala Lumpur of Malaysia, different cities in Taiwan and in Mainland China. The trip usually takes about a week, and activities include outdoor sketching and photography, visiting historical and natural sites, attending seminars and academic exchanges, practicing handicraft workshops and enjoying close encounter with the local culture.

The following are the objectives that the subject was intended to achieve:
• To address the importance of cultural aspect in multimedia design;
• To facilitate the learning of culture and media through a curriculum focusing on experiential learning;
• To encourage the application of hand visualization and/or photography as effective tools for observation and self-reflection

Since its first implementation in the winter of 2002, the SD2020 subject has been running and developing continuously; and it has just celebrated its 10th anniversary in the winter of 2011. On behalf of the tutors and students, I would like to invite you to share this year’s learning outcomes.

Dr. Eva Yuen
SD2020 Subject Coordinator