Public Lecture on "Design for the Public Good" by Eiji Mitooka, designer of Seven Stars in Kyushu

Public Lecture on

This is a public lecture. All are welcome. 
Japanese-English interpretation will be provided.

In his search for creating an environment where each person can cultivate a rich sensibility, Mr. Mitooka has created designs that combine his unique ideas with local characteristics. These designs are not independent but spread from train car to station and to the whole community and engage people’s lives in creativity. Mr. Mitooka’s design concept is “providing fun and beautiful time and space for everybody”. In his talk, Mr. Mitooka will discuss his design works and explore the hospitality incorporated into his works. 

About the Speaker: Eiji Mitooka, Illustrator and Industrial Designer

Eiji Mitooka was born in Okayama Prefecture in 1947. In 1972, Mr. Mitooka founded Don Design Associates and the company oversees multifaceted aspects of design projects from public architecture, such as train stations and libraries, to railway cars and “Ekiben” bento box graphics. Above all, his designs of stations and railway cars for JR Kyushu attract a great deal of attention not only from railway fans but also from the general public. Mr. Mitooka has received many awards including the Brunel Award, which is the only International design competition for train design. Mr. Mitooka’s most noted works include “Kyushu Shinkansen” and the award-winning Cruise Train “Seven Stars in Kyushu” – “Seven Stars in Kyushu” was awarded the Prime Minister’s Prize at the first “Japan Service Award”. 

Photos by Yoshiaki Tsutsui & Don Design Associates