Design Entrepreneurship: Works from PolyU Designers


  1. 1400 - 1450 Welcome Speech and Keynote
  2. 1500 - 1620 Student Presentation + Q&A
  3. 1620 - 1640 Break & Refreshment
  4. 1640 - 1750 Student Presentation + Q&A
  5. 1800 - 1830 Award Trophy and The End of the presentation

Design is one of the most powerful forces we use to convert Creativity and Innovation from the realm of abstraction and compulsion into useful products, services and habits intended to positively Change our Society for the future.  Entrepreneurship is an Agency we use to enable the introduction of Change into our Society for maximum impact and value capture.  Come and share an afternoon with us in a voyage of discovery to see what PolyU’s Undergraduate Product Designers feel are important enough to devote a full person-year of team effort and energy into as they introduce and explain to us their creations for Change in an Entrepreneur-oriented setting.


  • On the Highway      
    Innovative small pet carriers for people on the move
  • Hong                      
    Multi-sensory relaxation delivered in a new and beautiful new way
  • Featuring               
    Jewelry that communicates fundamental personality information
  • Prime                     
    Fashion forward accessories with playful hidden features for stylish young adults
  • Lilliput                  
    Safe, durable & stylish contemporary furniture for very small places
  • Duty Off                  
    Mood signaling jewelry for young career starters engaging with conformity
  • Alpha                     
    Outdoor, multi-function items for Hiking, Biking and Camping
  • Ice Beam                
    Technology to make watching figure skating even more beautiful and fun
  • Dulll                      
    Fashion forward unisex brand that has produced a self-illuminating handbag
  • CatchYa                
    Jewelry producer whose pieces reflect the essence and spirit of various World Cities
  • InvisibleMan          
    Products that allow custom/"secret" messages on commonly available items
  • Socks or Sucks      
    A brand that moves clothes beyond color, fiber and form into personal messaging
  • Aloha                     
    Playful and fashionable fashion accessories (bra straps) with a serious message
  • Enveloped              
    Lifestyle brand based on things that fit in a large, standard mailing envelope
  • Knot                       
    Time oriented brand that produces items marking important events in our lives

    For more details of each project, please go to Projects Gallery