"How to Start a Startup" - CS183B Video and Meetup Session

PayPal, PinterestYahooZappos 

You already know these company.
Now meet the people behind them.

"How to Start a Startup" is a class (CS183B) at Stanford this fall taught by President of Y Combinator, Sam Altman, along with world-class guest lecturers.  

Organized by Y Combinator, along with 400+ universities around the world, PolyU Design and STARTUPOLYU (CS183B HKPolyU Chapter) will be co-organizing CS183B HKPolyU Chapter sessions* at the campus to watch the lecture videos, brainstorm ideas, bounce them off each other, and refine them from a design strategy perspective over the course of the semester. You’ll learn how to come up with ideas and evaluate them, get users and grow, do sales and marketing, hire, raise money and more!

RSVP: http://goo.gl/FJjlEI
Facebook Group (enquiry & discussion): http://fb.com/groups/startupolyu

* Note: You don't have to go to a viewing session to watch the 50-minute videos - all can be watched online on your own except the exclusive PolyU networking, brainstorming and Q&A session. This video lecture offering at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University is not equivalent to a Stanford University class/credit.