Studio Exhibition (5/F): 文案雜不冷 Advertising Concept Writing

This exhibition is a collection of works addressing 10 different briefs, which aim at different learning objectives. Some of them focus on creative writing, while the others emphasize on an advertising objective. A short brief will be put under each work.


These briefs challenge students to produce writings that are:

1. Fluent and coherent:
Students need to carefully craft the writings with proper words and sentences so that it’s easy and enjoyable to read.

2. Observant and creative:
Students need to write in a creative angle with their ability to observe and imagine.

 3. On target (for some briefs):
Students need to produce writings that demonstrate their understanding of advertising objective, target audience and media characteristics.

Presentation Requirement

The copies should be properly typeset and layout. However, the overall art direction of these campaigns was not the main focus. (It will be further developed in other appropriate courses.)


KC Tsang

SD2868 Concept 1: Advertising Concept Writing

BA (Hons) Scheme in Design / Advertising Design – Year 2
SD2868 Concept 1: Advertising Concept Writing