Design for Silver Age: Co-Creation Design Workshop

Design for Silver Age: Co-Creation Design Workshop

Design for Silver Age: Co-Creation Design Workshop

銀齡設計  創意學堂 : 把握機會和長者一起設計銀齢產品

With soaring ageing population in HK, a huge market full of potential (known as the "Silver Age Products") emerged. This high consumption market yet only provides physiological products such as hearing aids, body stretching supplies, instead of an all-rounded smart product line to meet the increasingly diverse demand.

Moreover, elderly are like everybody else, they have needs for food, transportation, clothing and living. They have good taste and want high quality, durable yet affordable products nowadays; they want to keep up with the trend as well. However, local designers only stay on more conventional adults and kids markets.

Therefore, we kindly invite designers and silver age users to co-create innovative products for this growing market in a 4-day workshop held from September 13, 27, 28 and October 11 2014 from idea generation to prototyping. Dr. Clifford Choy, experienced design educator and Ms. Agatha Tsang, experienced design consultant will lead the workshop. The workshop is presented by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University’s Jockey Club Design Institute for Social Innovation (J.C.DISI), the Senior Citizen Home Safety Association, the Institute of Active Ageing, School of Design, Interaction Design Lecturer - Dr. Clifford Choy and Industrial Design Consultant - Ms. Agatha Tsang.