The 5th Chengdu Creativity & Design Week 2018 - Hong Kong Pavilion (Chengdu)

PolyU Design is joining Hong Kong Federation of Design Associations’ 'Viable City Shaping' of Hong Kong Pavillion at the Chengdu Creativity & Design Week, taking place on Nov 9-12, 2018 in Chengdu. Participating projects include:

  • Paper Thin Cities–Italo Calvino’s urban text as expressions of paper (Gerhard Bruyns & Environment and Interior Design students)
  • Square Foot Society–The notion of compression liveability (Gerhard Bruyns)
  • MODELS and the LIVED–3D morphologies of Hong Kong’s interior and domestic landscape (Gerhard Bruyns)
  • Cage (Scaffold Studio formed by 2018 MScMET graduates)
  • SEEK SEE SIT! Bench Design (Brian Lee & Product Design students)
  • Squat and Sit (Genny Lee, 2018 Product Design graduate)
  • Trail of Scent (Clarice Lam, 2018 Communication Design graduate)

(Photo credit: Hong Kong Federation of Design Associations 香港設計總會 Facebook Page)


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