Communication Design Exhibition


  1. 24 April 16:30 Opening Ceremony

This exhibition is showcasing two student group projects: "1 = 1 Beyond Numbers" and "PRIMING " all by Communication Design year 3 (16/17) students.

// 1 = 1 Beyond Numbers // 

Exhibition at Innovation gallery D, Podium, JCIT


This exhibition is held by a group of communication design students aiming to offer the visitors unique insights into the world of numbers by showing the importance, power, various uses and meanings of numbers throughout our life. By shedding light on the topic from different angles, we hope that the audience will realise that what they know and how they think about numbers may differ greatly from others.



// PRIMING // 

Exhibition at Sky View Exhibition Lounge, 3/F, JCIT

Colours — consciously and subconsciously —have been ‘primed’ into our daily lives.

In Hong Kong, our culture, the nature and other factors have uniquely assigned meanings to different colours. This process in psychology is called colour priming.

In this exhibition — PRIMING — we will showcase the meanings of colours through selected hues, namely blue, green, orange, red and white.

一 個 關 於 色 彩 的 展 覽 / 

色注入 — 展示五種顏色的意義和信息,讓我們能感受及認知色彩。展出的五種顏色,包括:白、藍、橙、紅和綠色將以不同的形式呈現它們被賦予的意義。