Communication Design Exhibition

Health Communication : Re-designing Medicine Administration for the Elderly

Today, the ageing population is subject of discussion and inquiry across the world, also in Hong Kong. The Census and Statistics Department has predicted that, in 2039, Hong Kong will be home to an estimated 2.5 million people of 65 years or older. This figure suggests that there are challenges ahead and an important factor will be an increase in medication administration.

It has been found that elderly people in Hong Kong, especially those who live alone, easily make mistakes when administering medicines. Without doctors or friends on hand to help, these older patients have to struggle with the small print and poor information design that is often found on medicine labels.

Communication Design students were asked to redesign the current Hospital Authority's medicine labels which most of Hong Kong's elderly are familiar with. After a 13-week period of user studies and observation, students came up with ideas that question and improve the existing experience of medication administration among the elderly.