Studio Exhibition (7/F): Cars & mice

The exhibition showcases the production of Year One Students during the core subject SD1405 3D communication mockup.

Asked to communicate through a proper design language, they had to express their own style and translate it into a shape using different materials and techniques.

Starting from chosen products designed by their “Design Heroes”, each of the students had to define a coherence between two aspects: their geometry: (lines and curve in a three dimensional space), and their character: (adjectives and keywords), tentatively applying them to the proposed objects:

1.  a small car model in wood that could take place in Tobeus , a collection of small cars created by the designer Matteo Ragni and produced in Italy by traditional craftsmen, Tobeus.

2.  a pointing device (mouse), by following the same formal principles and to be realised using different techniques: foam modeling, vacuum forming, casting resin or any other material (cement, plaster, polyurethane, chocolate, wax jelly, ice...), materiallly emphatising and enriching their defined design language.


Philippe Casens


SD1405 3D communication mockup


Year One Students:

CAI Zihan, CHAN Pui Yan Celia, CHAN Si Jin, CHAN Tan Ni Daniel, CHAN Yuk Yi, CHANG Pei-chi, CHEN Xiaoyang, CHONG Man Yee, FUNG Siu To Victor, HO Wing Yiu, LEE Pak Long, MAK Chung Ying, NGAN Joyce, PONG Hiu Chung, SEE Jun Hong, SETHI Swasti, SHIU Sheung Ting Ramona, TO Ka Wing, TO Wai Tsz, TSE Hong I, TSUI Ka Po, VITTIE Denissa Calista, WONG Chi Yin, WONG Ho Ting, WONG Man Sum, ZYGELYTE Mante