Gallery & Exhibition : Circle Arts Festival 圓圈藝術節

Induce Individual, Family, Community and World Communion

Two phase of Circle Arts Festival :

1st phase - Training: Oct 8 – Oct 12

From 8 Oct -12 Oct, workshops led by the founder and director of Circle Painting, Hiep Nguyen for community artists/mentor and art therapists at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design to co-create works of art based on the theme of “POLA – Love ‧ Inclusion ‧ Solidarity”.

2nd phase - Exhibition: Oct 29 – Nov 3

Exhibition from 29 Oct - 3 Nov at 3/F-4/F, School of Design, Jockey Club Innovation Tower, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. The exhibition will be opened to the public free of charge. From the "basic necessities (food, clothing, accommodation and transportation)" the core values of the circle: "Inclusion, Collaboration and Creativity" and explored. To achieve community solidarity and embody POLA’s principle of “realizing the lasting happiness of people and society who seek beauty and health, ”Circle Arts Festival” is divided into 4 exhibition areas:

Exhibition Time:

Oct 29 – Nov 3 11:30 – 20:00
*Oct 30 17:00 – 20:00


1. Circle Painting Founder Artworks Zone

Hiep Nguyen, Founder and Director of Circle Painting, embraces people of all ages, races, gender and abilities to enjoy the “Art” journey, including those without any prior painting experience. Love and energy are spread to every corner of the community via circle drawing & S.T.E.A.M drawing

2. Community Art & Art Therapists Artworks Zone

Hiep Nguyen will lead a circle drawing & S.T.E.A.M drawing workshop for over 10 local community artists and art therapists in PolyU. Local artists will apply the ‘circle’ concept to their specialized art forms such as expressive art therapy, touch art therapy, photographic therapy, community art, community theater, community music, landscape, puppet, hand wax etc and arts works will be created for public exhibition.

3. PolyU Design Student Artworks Zone

PolyU School of Design students, as creative change makers, will to participate in creating artworks based on the theme of “Love ‧ Inclusion ‧ Solidarity” to demonstrate how “design” can make changing to the world.

4. Public Artworks Zone
General public are invited to submit their ‘circle’ artworks. Shortlisted artpieces will be uploaded to event facebook fanpage for polling before 23 October, 2017. Selected artworks will be publicly exhibited together with other local artists’ artworks during exhibition.