Lectures & Workshops: 'The state of the Art of Augmented Reality in 2018' by Stephen Black

By PolyU Design invitation, Stephen Black will conduct two workshops and it is highly recommended for you to attend both, though not required. He will also present two lectures for Design Students and the general public.

You are invited to attend one, two, three or all four events.


June 11 (Mon), 17:00-19:00, Room V1101 11/F
AR in 2018: an overview

June 13 (Wed), 17:00-19:00, Room V1101 11/F
Stephen Black: AR, VR & Me


June 11 (Mon), 14:30 - 16:30, Room V 513 5/F
AR: Define, Think and DO
registration at 14:15

June 13 (Wed), 14:30 - 16:30, Room V 513 5/F 
Types of AR & Mockup
registration at 14:15


About the Speaker

Stephen Black

Artist, photographer, filmmaker, producer and writer.

Stephen Black’s experiences with VR, AR and 3D gamemaking began in 2002, when he was the creative director for WalkerAsia. The company was a platform for both user-generated video and educational 3D gamemaking. Stephen is now planning an AR-based startup featuring original software, stories and characters: Bubiko FoodtourSecret Donut World, The Dobots and the Dundercats.

Stephen has collaborated with Singapore Literature Prize recipient Cyril Wong (Fires poetry ebook), artist Michael Lee(Singapore Biennale) and Eugene Soh (SPOKEN virtual gallery)3how, co-founded with Amith Narayan, was an improvisational music/theatre project. Stephen’s art residencies include The Independent Archive and Grey Projects. A short film co-production with Hiverlab, “Beach Road”, was featured in VR festivals in Las Vegas, Singapore and Brisbane.

A graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology, Stephen has worked in television (CNN, Cartoon Network, France 2, Fox and Fuji TV), as a published and exhibited photographer, and as a teacher (poetry, performance and gamemaking). He has produced concerts, as well as a presentation of Stelarc’s “Prosthetic Head”.

Author of eight books including a best seller, “i ate tiong bahru”,Stephen is now finalizing two books; one about an AR sentient being made of light, the other a journal of IT and food experiences related to the Bubiko Orwell SouthEast Asia Tour.