[MRC X HKDC] always’ Exhibition: 50+ Sustainable Designs Thinking Beyond Green

From a spark of awareness to a series of action, behaviour is gradually formed and becoming a custom.

Our response to environmental issues often begins with a blink of idea. To recycle and reuse is like a centre origin point, connecting different actions under the radius of similar concept, forming a continual round. This seemingly endless circular momentum, if we look at it from a slightly tilted angle, we see a dynamic movement going forward, picking up strength from each looping and extend into an ever going path.

Through this dynamic line, design connects people, objects and communities. From here, we can trace the origin to find out where design ideas come from, how it is closely related to our living and environment, affecting different aspects of daily life.

Today, we realise that environmental protection is not solely about using eco-friendly materials, but all solutions must be achieved through careful planning, design and efficient use of resources. Also, the definition of sustainable development should not simply remain at the material level, but to extend to a metaphysical implication. Our cultural heritage, tradition, and aesthetics indeed are nutrients that shape our unique temperament and provide a continuous supply of inspiration nourishing our future development.

Keep going, always by design.

The Material Resource Centre (MRC) of PolyU Design is pleased to join the exhibition to share our contribution to making the best use of materials with other brilliant exhibitors sharing similar thoughts. On show if the mini-exhibition "Circularity" and Material Corner "Discover What's Possible With Cotton. For details, please contact the MRC through email (mrc.sd@polyu.edu.hk) or by call (+852 2766 7971).


Phase1: 22.11.2022-12.12.2022
1/F Event Space, Central Market
Phase2: 15.12.2022-29.01.2023
HG10-HG12 & HG19, PMQ
Free Admission

“A Vision for a Sustainable Future in Hong Kong” Sharing

Date: 11 Jan 2023

Venue: Room710 & 711, PMQ, Central