Studio Exhibition (6/F): Information Design

Presented by Communication Design Students

Information design, in essence, is the organization (structure) and visualization (symbolization) of information so that it is quickly and easily understandable for the intended users. Good information design avoids ambiguity and promotes clarity of communication. Information graphics, a specialized branch of information design, can also act as a reasoning tool, helping us to make sense of complex relationships, present evidence, draw conclusions and make decisions. An information designer, therefore, must work closely with content and data and is responsible for transforming it into an effective ‘information product’.

This exhibition is a subject takes an analytical and systemic approach to communication design. Students examined the contexts in which information design exists and its role within the larger field of communication design. Through hands-on projects and exercises, students examined the methods and principles for structuring and visualizing spatial, chronological and quantitative data. All of the fundamental skills developed in year 1 are relevant in designing for information, and students are applied and integrated them in this subject and now showcase at 6/F in our JCIT building. 

Subject Leader: Brian KWOK