Studio Exhibition (8/F) - 'Desktop Publishing' by Multimedia Design and Technology (HD)

SD3101 Desktop Publishing by Multimedia Design and Technology (HD) Year 2 (2016/17)

Project Brief
Students are invited to design a stationery set with business card, letterhead, envelope and one promotional item with typographic treatments based on their selected organization. By exploring the form and content with typographic principles, such as fonts style, kerning, spacing, leading, measurement, and paragraphs, student learns to depict the organization in a positive and professional manner. Furthermore, students will also acquire production skill through prepress processes.

Learning Outcome
- Use the anatomy of letterforms, terminology and measurement system appropriately;
- Produce prepress file correctly for print production;
- Communicate with typography and layout effectively;
- Explore and propose look & feel relevant to content and context.

Course Objectives
Desktop publishing is a subject that introduces students the history and development of typography and printing technology. Students will learn the anatomy and terminology of letterforms to be used in layout design with a grid system. After finishing this subject, students will be able to arrange layouts for publications with textual, visual and graphical elements with the consideration of typographic principles. With the use of authoring tools, students learn desktop publishing processes by integrating design terminologies and principles with the prepress output.

Tutor: Leo Chan
Programme Leader: Bruce Wan