Studio Exhibition - Product Design

SD3468 Furniture Design by BA (Hons) Product Design Year 4 students

Subject Background

Furniture design has emerged as the design field par excellence, embracing all the key aspects typically associated in the design of
self-contained objects. This course introduces students the fundamental understanding of furniture design, focuses on both traditional and state of the art techniques. This course also includes an in depth analysis of the various design movements reflected in furniture design with particular emphasis on the most common iconic eras, ideologies and individuals within the design field.

In perspective of interaction design, our soul and body are beautifully yet sophisticatedly connected. Furniture is a materialization of human action and cultural value. How furniture contributes to our culture? How it works with human’s practice (lifestyle, value & culture) and benefits to future development as well as sustainable living? This subject will go to facilitate student who may critically reflect on design and technology for a better world, and discuss and explore the limitation of materialization and representation of furniture design

Three assignments in different levels will be introduced within three phases. They are:
i) Research on development of furniture design;
ii) Demonstration of design and craftsmanship of prototyping furniture concept;
iii) Design proposal of furniture for better living.

Creative collaborator and project sponsorship
Program Contractors Limited is a creative partner of this subject who will share knowledge on business development and manufacturability of high quality metal works through discussion of local and overseas cases. Program is an expert in area of indoor and outdoor facilities-furniture, feature wall/ facade, kiosk design etc. A challenging internal competition will be taken place where winners will receive awards and sponsorships.