INK INNOVATIONS AND CROSSOVERS Retrospective Exhibition of Paintings by Wucius Wong

水墨跨界   王無邪繪畫歷程回顧展

With four thematic sections (Brush and Ink Expressions; Developing from Tradition; Structuring with Geometry; Seeking Diversities), this retrospective exhibition showcases over 30 works by Hong Kong’s pioneer of contemporary ink painting, Wucius Wong, spanning the years 1965 to 2015.

是次展覽分成四大部分(筆墨顯情、傳承立新、幾何建序、尋異求變),共展出香港新水墨先驅 王無邪從一九六五年至二〇一五年的三十多幅傑作。


Exhibit reference: 

展根之九 Spreading the Roots No. 9 2008
水墨設色紙本 Ink and colour on paper
150 x 82 厘米 cm(各each)

秋山六聯屏 Autumn Mountains in Six Panels 2015
水墨設色紙本 Ink and colour on paper
138 x 40 厘米 cm(各each)

澄懷之十 Meditation No. 10 1987
水墨設色紙本 Ink and colour on paper
138.5 x 68.5 厘米 cm

殘碑 Broken Stele 1965
水墨設色紙本 Ink and colour on paper
169 x 94.5 厘米 cm

宏懷之一 Grand Thoughts No. 1 1995
油彩布本 Oil on linen
122 x 183 厘米 cm