Studio Exhibition - Environment and Interior Design

SD3557 : 1 To 1 Prototyping For Spatial Design 
by Environment and Interior Design year 3 students 

Exhibition Background

The works is done by EID year 3 students who attended a course "1 To 1 Prototyping For Spatial Design". This course is intended to encourage students to design through their hands and to be inspired directly from various construction materials. Students were asked to observe the material behavior, and to extract the inherent quality, and eventually to reveal it through specific fabrication technique and crafting process.

Various spatial qualities and fabrication technique were introduced.

Spatial Quality

Heaviness, Lightness, Balanced, Imbalanced, Bigness, Smallness, Roughness, Smoothness, Plainness, Incompleteness, Completeness, Endless, Timeless, Warmness, Coldness, Chaos… etc.

Spatial Fabrication Techniques

Interlocking, Inverting, Layering, Stacking, Weaving, Casting, Molding, Carving, Embedding, Twisting, Laminating… etc. 

Tutor Name: Kuo Jze Yi

Students Name:
AU Tsz Ling
CHAN Ching Nam
CHOW Tsz Chung
CHOW Wai Yin
CHU Chun Hin
CHU Shing Chun
HUNG Shuk Ying
LAI Chi Lam
LAI Tsun Hang
LAM Oi Tung Michelle
LAM Yin Fung
LAU Kai Ting
LEONG Dennis Mingfai
LUNG Yin Fei Venus
MAN Ting Fung
POON Sum Yuen
SO Pui Lam
YUNG Yat Yeung Carrie