Studio Exhibition (5/F): Basic Typography by Advertising Design

SD1805 Tool Box 5: Basic Typography

BA (Hons) Scheme in Design / Advertising Design – Year 1 / Semester 1
Tutor: Stefan Sonntag

The Background

This is a project-based course where students have the opportunity to apply the typographic skills learned in the Basic Typography courses according to specified purposes, audience and communication contexts. The practical application of the marriage of imagery and typography is emphasized. Students will demonstrate an understanding of the language of typographic design. They will create a concept and deliver the overall visual of that concept. Experimentation is highly regarded in developing the visuals. Students will develop both the editorial direction (words) and the visual properties of their concepts. Context and meaning will play key roles in the development of designs. Through lectures, projects, workshops, and one-on-one tutorials , students are encouraged to using types as an important visual element to produce effective communication design for advertising purposes.

The Project: Poster ‘Music for the Eyes’

A multisensory typographical exploration.

Way too often typographic design remains in the realm of single sensory design stimuli; what we see! The printed page or poster, the plethora of printed publications and -in recent years- the many screens that have engulfed our lives are just a few examples of Typographic Design that we can see, but cannot feel – or in this case – hear. For a young designer, it is of utmost importance to be aware of all the senses, and thus being able to create multisensory design to engage our audience on more than just one sensory level.

In this exercise, each student is required to choose his/her favorite song (any genre, in English language), then use the Lyrics (the written text of the song) and create a poster that is a ‘typographical expression’ of this particular word/music combination and the emotional expression created by the artist. Music you can see. Written words you can hear.

Each chosen song was played repeatedly during critiques, and the students were asked to verbally express and discuss their emotions when listening to the song and thereupon translate those emotions into typographical design. The use of graphics, images, and color is encouraged to support the typography!

Duration: 4 Weeks