Work-Integrated Education

Cooperative Projects


Work-Integrated Education (WIE) involves work-based learning experiences that take place in an organisation context relevant to a student’s profession, or the development of generic skills that will be valuable to that profession.

Benefits for students
The aim of WIE is to give students working experience in a real-life environment so that students will be able to better appreciate what they learn in class, to integrate theory with practice, to enhance all-round development and to make better career plan.

To prepare students for a smooth transition from the PolyU Design to the design profession, we invite collaborators to participate in two kinds of Work-Integrated Education: Cooperative Project and Summer Internship.

Benefits for collaborators
While your company contributes in training young design talents, our students provide fresh ideas and bring in energetic spirits to your organisation. Benefits for your participation include:

  1. Getting new ideas
    Student interns approach new projects with enthusiasm and are eager to apply their creativity and knowledge to work. Being young and relatively new to the workplace could be an advantage, students are able to provide fresh perspectives
  2. Gaining additional resources for your high to medium priority projects
    Our students are enthusiastic designers who could supplement your existing workforce at reasonable costs. Training allowance is at the discretion of the host organisation and the costs of hiring interns are generally much less than hiring additional full-time employee.
  3. Access to young design talents who could become your employees
    Many organisations hire interns as full-time employees after graduation. Internship presents an opportunity to observe potential candidates’ interaction with your team. It could also enhance the leadership and management skills of your permanent staff through the process of guiding interns. Your involvement is important for the development of our next generation of designers.

Contact Persons:
Josephine Cheung | Erica Lam