We • DO Weekend Design Opportunity

Designers are thinkers and doers that observe and create. We collect information from everyday life through watching, listening, touching, interacting and empathizing, identifying nuances that could make our lives ever so much more convenient and comfortable.  We strive to find a balance between environmental sensitivity, community connection, artistic beauty and economic viability in the design process.

This weekend workshop series is aimed at introducing the experience of designing, with a focus on themes that are relevant to People, Planet and Profit for students at the Forms 3-5 levels. The workshops will provide students who have interests in pursuing design studies at the higher education level with a taste of the knowledge and skills needed.  The participants will get to know about how entrepreneurship, social awareness and sustainability play important roles in a designer's life. 

The workshops will be conducted in the Jockey Club Innovation Tower at PolyU.

Design Disciplines

Communication Design Workshops 

    • 09 MAY
      Landscape in Text << 文字風景 >> –  by Trilingua Design [View more]
      Saturday, 10 AM – 1 PM

      Typographic in Chinese character have a lot of possibility and variety in design element. Participant would interpret selected scenery by typographic expression. The medium would consist mainly graphical printing blocks, which they would able to explore the possibility of Chinese characters in both form and meaning. The final delivery of typographic leaflet involves Chinese character design in terms of character recreation and feature design as well as layout and typography. Participants also learn design progress from material research, idea and layout development to final execution.

      23 MAY
      Sew It Up: Coptic Stitch Binding Workshop – by Chan Hei Shing [View more]
      Saturday, 9:30 AM – 1:30 PM 

      Coptic Binding is the very old-styled book-binding method, originally the process was used by early Christians in Egypt (the Copts) some 2000 years ago and hence its name. A Coptic stitch style binding is one that does not use any glues and where the signature stitching are generally exposed or left completely open thus allowing flexibility without sacrificing strength.  Coptic stitched books generally allow the book to be opened up flat without weakening the spine or signatures. The signature designs are normally left exposed on a chain stitch binding, many book binders decide to inject their own personal flare into the spine designs which can result in some very attractive looking books.

      Product Design Workshops 

    • 18 JUL
      Food waste dyeing workshop – by KaCaMa Design Lab [View more]
      Saturday, 10 AM – 1 PM

      Food tints on our clothes are not easy to wash away. We are inspired to derive natural dyes from food for cloth dyeing. The dye extracted from the leftover is used to beautify a plain handkerchief. In this workshop, we will introduce the basic concept of sustainable product design and participants will learn how to make a tie dye handkerchief by the reclaimed onion skin. 

      25 JUL
      Thumb Piano upcycling workshop – by Kevin Cheung [View more]
      Saturday, 10 AM – 1 PM 

      Upcycled Thumb Piano is made out of spokes collected from old bicycle wheels and wood from wine boxes, It is a simplified version of an ancient African instrument Kalimba. Containing 5 notes, easily play with both your thumbs.

      Advertising Design Workshops 

    • 08 AUG & 22 AUG
      Beyond the Obvious, Problem solving in reality (Part I & II)  – by Alan Lam & Anderson Wan [View more]
      Saturday, 9:30 AM – 1:30 PM

      What works before doesn't mean it will work now. If we want to start generating new solutions, we first need new input and perspective to look at the same old problems. The most effective way to have new input and perspective are to learn to ask questions that can lead us to new discovery.  This workshop opens the path for us to understand the power of questioning, go beyond the obvious and solving problems in a new effective way by art and design.

      Environment and Interior Design Workshops

    • 12 SEP & 26 SEP
      Living in 60 m² (Part I & II) – by Leanne Mak & Jasmine Lam [View More]
      Saturday, 9:30 AM – 1:30 PM

      Living small Thinking big. 60m2 is a domestic standardization in Hong Kong. Living densely within the urban concrete walls of this mega city, design is everyday-life related. On the way from our home to school. Unknowingly as a city dweller, we confronted with design optimization every day, leveling between efficiency and humanity. Design and articulate a better space for Hong Kong people in aspects of living. Think and design in a 3-dimensional way from concept development to model making.

Who Should Attend?

S3 - S5 or Grades 9 - 11 students. Maximum 30 students per workshop.

Medium of Instruction

Cantonese, supplemented by English


HK$1,000 per disciplinary workshop (2 sessions in total)
HK$3,500 for all workshops (8 sessions in total)

To encourage the development of design talents, workshop fees exemption may be granted when students register with official recommendation letters separately from their school (with School's Chop) and a parent.  The letters should include examples of the student's demonstrated abilities in thinking, problem solving, and visualizing their ideas.  "Recommendation for Workshop Fees Exemption" should be sent via email to:  We.DO@polyu.edu.hk.