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Undergraduate Scholarships

Local Students
Non-local Students

Entry Scholarships

Post-entry Scholarships

Financial Assistance

Entry Scholarships for International Students

Other scholarships offered to our students during their study (2018/19):

  • 4M Industrial Development Limited Scholarship
  • 7781 SDAAL Scholarship 2019
  • AB Concept Travelling Scholarship
  • AL Design & Associates Limited Scholarship
  • Artapower International Group Scholarship
  • Bright Future Charitable Foundation Design Scholarship
  • Bright Future Charitable Foundation Overseas Exchange Scholarship
  • Design Students' Travel Fund Scholarship
  • Dr. Ng Tat-lun Memorial Scholarship
  • Dr. Y.K. Ching Memorial Scholarship
  • Elaine Chow SDAAL Scholarship 2019
  • First Initiative Foundation Design Scholarship
  • Formica Scholarship
  • Fung Scholarship
  • Herbgarden Limited Award
  • HKCC Scholarship for PolyU Articulation
  • HKSAR Government Scholarship
  • HKSAR Government Scholarship Fund - Endeavour Merit Award
  • HKSAR Government Scholarship Fund - Reaching Out Award
  • HKSAR Government Scholarship Fund - Talent Development Scholarship
  • Hong Kong Institute of Professional Photographers Ltd. Scholarship 2018/19
  • Hong Kong Plastics Manufacturers Association Scholarship
  • Jane Li SDAAL Scholarship 2019
  • Kai Chong Tong Scholarship
  • Lee Hysan Scholarship for Service-Learning Exchange
  • Li Po Chun Charitable Trust Fund Scholarship
  • M Moser Scholarship
  • Multi-faceted Excellence Scholarship
  • Muses Foundation Overseas Exchange Scholarship
  • Nippon Paint
  • Outstanding Student Award 2018, School of Design
  • President Emeritus Professor Poon Chung-kwong Scholarship
  • Riz Yung SDAAL Scholarship 2019
  • SHOWART Scholarship
  • Shun Hing Advertising Scholarship
  • Spring Collection Scholarship
  • Steve Leung Travelling Scholarship
  • The C I Stapleton Scholarship
  • The D. H. Chen Foundation Scholarship
  • The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Entry Scholarship (Academic)
  • The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Scholarship
  • The Hong Kong Polytechnic University-APEC Entry Scholarship
  • The Most Outstanding PolyU Student Award 2018

Taught Postgraduate Programmes Funding Schemes

Local Students
Non-local Students

[Master of Design] Targeted Taught Postgraduate Programmes Fellowships Scheme (2021/22)

[Master of Design] Alumni Bursary (2021/22)

[Master of Design] Continuing Education Fund

[Master of Design] Extended Non-means-Tested Loan Scheme

[Master of Design] Alumni Bursary (2021/22)

[Master of Design] ID&BM Scholarships (2021/22)

Targeted Taught Postgraduate Programmes Fellowships Scheme (2021/22)

Applicable programmes: Master of Design (MDes)
Administered by: PolyU/ SD/ MDes

In 2022, the University Grants Committee (UGC) launched this Fellowships Scheme to attract meritorious local students for eligible taught postgraduate (TPg) programmes to pursue further studies in priority areas conducive to the development of Hong Kong.

All five specialisms of Master of Design (MDes) are eligible TPg programmes of this Fellowships Scheme in the priority area of ‘promoting the creative industries’. A total of 22 MDes Fellowships are available in 2021/22 academic year. Each Fellowship subsidises HK$120,000 of the programme tuition.

Local students not receiving any other forms of financial aid from the government or the PolyU for the same programme are eligible to apply. 

Further Information on the Fellowships (2021/22): UGC | PolyU | PolyU Design   

Alumni Bursary (2021/22)

Applicable programmes: MDes
Administered by: PolyU/ SD/ MDes
Subject to final approval

A financial aid as an Alumni Bursary (with a reimbursement of an amount equivalent to 5.4 credits) will be granted to PolyU Design BA graduates admitted into the Master of Design programmes in 2021/22. Eligible admittees will be informed of the application procedures before the academic year begins. This financial aid, offered in limited places, is administered by the School. This financial aid is not applicable to CEF reimbursable courses.

Continuing Education Fund

Applicable programmes: MDes, Master of Science in Multimedia and Entertainment Technology (MSc MET)
Administered by: Student Finance Office of the HK Government

Some subjects in the MDes scheme are Continuing Education Fund (CEF) reimbursable for eligible Hong Kong residents (who have the right of abode or the right to land or to remain in Hong Kong without restriction). Students taking these subjects will benefit from the CEF subsidy ceiling of HK$20,000. 

Extended Non-means-Tested Loan Scheme

Applicable programmes: MDes, MSc MET
Administered by: Student Finance Office of the HK Government

Extended Non-means-Tested Loan Scheme (ENLS), administered by Student Finance Office (SFO) of the HK Government, offers interest-bearing loans to eligible local residents (who have the right of abode in the Hong Kong or have resided or have had their homes in Hong Kong continuously for three complete years prior to the commencement of the programme) to settle tuition fees.

ID&BM Scholarships (2021/22)

Applicable programme: International Design and Business Management (ID&BM)
Administered by: PolyU/ SD/ MDes
Subject to final approval

Merit-based entry scholarships are offered competitively for non-local students in 2021/22. One or two students may be awarded after nomination and the value of the scholarship shall be equivalent to 25%-50% tuition reimbursement/ offset.

Research Postgraduate Funding Schemes

Multiple PhD financing options are possible, as outlined below. Each type of funding has specific application criteria, funding support structures, and submission deadlines. Candidates are advised to study the possible funding schemes in detail and determine what suits their personal situation best. All questions regarding these schemes are to be directed to the funding organization, except where mentioned otherwise.

Funding Scheme 1: University Grants Committee [UGC] Funded Support is a fully funded scheme and includes:

  • Monthly stipend of HK$17,400
  • Allowances for research-related activities. 
  • Students are required to dedicate 6 hours per week in service of the School, for teaching and other scholarly support activities. 
  • More information available at:
  • Starting from 2018/19 academic year, the Government would provide tuition waiver for all local students enrolled in UGC-funded RPg programmes. All local students enrolled in UGC-funded RPg programmes will be provided with tuition waiver. More details available at:

Funding Scheme 2: Hong Kong PHD Fellowship Scheme:

  • Monthly stipend of HK$26,600, based on School Research Committee’s discretion and approval. 
  • Allowances for research-related activities. 
  • Applicants who wish to apply for the PhD programme in Design in 2021/22 are strongly encouraged to make an application through the Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme (HKPFS) which is open between 1 September and 1 December 2020.
  • More information available at:

Funding Scheme 3: Teaching Postgraduate Studentship (TPS):

  • Monthly stipend of HK$17,400, for a 9-month appointment period. 
  • Half-half financial scheme where half the tuition fees for the first year are covered by the student with the remaining half covered by the School / University.
  • Reviewed for the 2nd and 3rd year of study, based on the availability of funding in line with the research and teaching performance of the candidate. 
  • Inclusive of both limited funds and allowances for research activities. Students may be required to dedicate 17 hours per week for teaching and administrative duties. 
  • More information available at:

Funding Option 4: Self-financed Applications: 

  • Student with adequate funds can apply under the ‘Self financed’ track, within deadline each year. 
  • More information on self-financed application is available at:

Funding Option 5: Other Funding Sources:

  • Depending on their circumstances, applicants may be eligible to apply for sponsorship from other governmental and private scholarships and other funding schemes. Students should inform themselves about what potential schemes might be applicable for them.
  • For application purposes, such students are considered as self-financed (please indicate in the application what governmental / private scholarships / other funding scheme will be used to support your studies)

Large companies use corporate scholarships as part of their HR strategy to develop and retain high-potential employees.

For businesses that strive to provide experience and service excellence to their customers, developing employees through an advanced degree in Design will allow them to move the company forward with fresh perspectives brought back from the creative class.

To sponsor high-potential employees for any programmes at PolyU Design, companies could offer a combination of support to employees, including:

  • Tuition sponsorship
  • Financial support for living expenses
  • Policy of acting roles while a staff is away for sabbatical

For more information, please contact