Cooperative Project - Milton Exhibits Group


Every exhibition event needs a great number of temporary workers in a short
period of time. The most common method of recruiting workers is through human
resources agencies. However,
- Companies need to pay extra cost of agency commission
- Quality of workers and helpers are not guaranteed
- Punctuality issue and ability mismatch
That gives an unsatisfied recruiting experience in exhibition management service
industry, especially in convention and larger scale festivals and events.

Established in 2002, Milton Exhibits Group Limited offers a fully integrated service
including event marketing, exhibitor services, digital solutions and exhibition
contracting. Milton Exhibits is always devoted to building impressive experiences
and innovating to stay ahead of trends.

Interactive Media students designed UNITER, a recruitment platform powered by Milton Exhibits Group, which aims to connect companies and employees effectively in a short period of time and keep a close connection during the whole working process.

The design idea is inspired by building connection with social media, through the
advantages of enhancing social interaction as the purpose of recruitment.
The solution contains both the business and employee versions closely connected
together. Key features of the recruitment platform include data-storage, a referral
system, and one-stop communication.

The target audience are active social media users, where employees are able to
filter job specifications, check application status, receive job alert notifications, and
refer jobs to their friends; while employers are able to create job posts, find suitable candidates, message employees, and bookmark potential employees.

Participating students include —

Interactive Media Year 2 students

CHEUNG Hing Yung, LAM Kai Yin, LI Pui Yan and LO Chiu Hung

Project Tutors —

Newman LAU and Dominic LEUNG
School of Design, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Work-integrated Education in PolyU brings students together with real-world clients both inside and outside the classroom. Students’ fresh ideas, energy and passion lead to exciting opportunities for clients and collaborators. 
The Cooperative Project is undertaken as a compulsory subject in the first semester of students’ final year of study. Collaborators ranging from commercial enterprises to government departments and non-profit organisations work together with tutors to come up with design briefs that meet the needs of their target audiences.