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Carer Empowerment

It is widely acknowledged that many carers face difficulties while caring and supporting for family members and friends who have a disability, mental illness or chronic condition. To strengthen support for carers, further empower them and help reintegrate them into society, the Hong Kong Federation of Women’s Centres launched a three-year ‘All Brilliant Carers’ project, with a mobile app developed by Acesobee Ltd. Taking this opportunity, Acesobee collaborated with students to further enhance the mobile app’s user interface and user experience, and develop a new promotion strategy for the carers project.

The students first conducted interviews and questionnaires as primary research to further understand the daily life situation and mental status of carers. The students found that the carers lacked information about the available resources due to ineffective communication methods, and most of the participants were not familiar with smart phone usage. Hence, the students sought to design tangible communication channels and develop visual promotion campaigns.


A visual guideline was developed to maintain a consistent style for the designs and products, and for later developments. The students came up with the ‘顧家 FIGHT’ logotype and tagline, which was chosen as a pun from a well-known musician in the 1970s and ’80s that would likely resonate with the target users. The tagline also represented the hardworking spirit, positive attitude and responsibilities of carers in caring for family members in need.


Advertising campaigns were developed with a relaxing and humorous tone, with the aim of creating a positive and energetic image of carers and raising the public’s awareness on their situation.

The students also designed a ‘Carer’s Info Card Set’ providing extensive information on the services and resources offered by different supporting organisations and medical service centres that carers may need. The students classified the database into four main categories, namely ‘Emergency Services’, ‘Nursing Services’, ’Financial Assistance’ and ‘Traffic Information’. The design of the Info Card Set was inspired by the Yellow Pages and traditional calendars, with a minimal yet eye-catching visual design.


The students also redesigned the ‘All Brilliant Carers’ mobile app, with improved app functions, a new communication platform and a digitalised version of the ‘Carers’ Info Card Set’.  

Participating students include —

Advertising Design Year 4 students

LI Nga Ching, TAM Wing Man, WONG Chun Hei and WONG Yin Nok

Communication Design Year 4 students

AU Long Hin, CHAN Man Yin, LAU Hau Wah and NG Yik Ka Scarlet

Social Design Year 4 students

CHENG Yan Chak, KUO Wai Lap, LAM Sze Ki and TAM Tsz Kin

Project Tutor —

Christotrian Tong, Part-time Visiting Lecturer
School of Design, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Work-integrated Education in PolyU brings students together with real-world clients both inside and outside the classroom. Students’ fresh ideas, energy and passion lead to exciting opportunities for clients and collaborators. 
The Cooperative Project is undertaken as a compulsory subject in the first semester of students’ final year of study. Collaborators ranging from commercial enterprises to government departments and non-profit organisations work together with tutors to come up with design briefs that meet the needs of their target audiences.