Academic Advising

Academic Advising of BA (Hons) Scheme in Design

Academic Advising at PolyU aims to help students to make informal and intelligent academic decisions/choices about their study at PolyU that suit their intellectual, professional and personal goals.

It is instrumental to promoting student success, and plays a vital role in enhancing students’ overall learning experience at PolyU.

  • To build an early connection between students, their home department, and the University
  • To provide students with accurate information regarding their academic study
  • To help students explore their interests, abilities and values regarding their study, and formulate appropriate goals
  • To provide students with advice and guidance that enables them to develop and pursue a study plan
  • To connect students to resources, opportunities, and support within and outside the University
Responsibilities of Student Advisees (SA)

Effective academic advising requires an active participation of Student Advisees in the process. Student Advisee responsibilities are:

  • To understand academic regulations and requirements of their chosen major/program, including GUR requirements;
  • To proactively seek information and advice, and make good use of the PolyU’s resources to address individual development needs;
  • To take final responsibility for making decisions and choices regarding personal academic development.
Enquiries - Undergraduate Secretary

For enquiries regarding BA (Hons) Scheme in Design student campus life, and issues related to academic requirements and regulations, please contact School of Design’s Undergraduate Secretary:

Academic Advisors (AA)

Students will be notified of their AAs’ details at the beginning of their first academic year. 

Academic Advising System

  • AAs are expected to make themselves available to Advisees at least once a semester for consultation on academic development matters, either individually or in small groups.
  • Meetings should preferably be scheduled before subject registration periods start.
  • While AAs may opt to invite their assigned SAs, it is SAs’ responsibility to contact their assigned AAs to schedule an appointment.
  • Those who do not turn up will have to approach their AAs to schedule another appointment.
  • For students who are identified as having learning difficulties, or special needs, a wider AA support network will be provided.
  • Self-paced students and those who are not following recommended progression patterns as specified in relevant Definitive Program
  • Documents are required to submit a detailed study plan for approval by their AA before subject registration.
  • After each semester’s BoE meeting, a report of students’ cumulative GPA will be passed on to assigned AAs for reference. Those students who are being put on academic probation or having such a risk will be invited to meet AAs to be provided with academic counseling.
  • In addition to giving academic advice, AAs should be sensitive to students’ personal issues, and refer to specific specialized counseling services as appropriate and whenever necessary.