I MAKE Initiative

The I Make Initiative from PolyU Design is launched in 2015 to promote the importance of making and the maker culture.  The Maker Movement is a global one.  In 2014, the U.S. President Obama hosted the first Maker Faire at the White House.  When China's Premier Li Keqiang made his first official visit to the "world's factory" - Guangdong, he took the opportunity to speak to individual entreprenueurs at the vibrant Chaihuo maker space in Shenzhen.

Making is not just about production or fabrication, but also involves creativity, critical thinking, self-learning, exploration, experimentation, and more. Through making, we develop lifelong learning skills.

Launch Events 

For the launch of this exciting initiative, PolyU Design will be organizing a number of events to engage students, teachers, parents, and professionals to build awareness on the importance of making:
1.  I MAKE Typographic Design Competition - An inter-school event for local secondary and primary schools.  Winning schools will be funded to produce their designs and exhibit at the Maker Faire Hong Kong 2015.
2.  Maker Faire Hong Kong 2015 - A 2-day weekend mega event at PolyU on 28-29 November 2015 with over 200 exhibits.  This is the first time for this global event to be produced in full-scale in Hong Kong.
3.  Junior Maker Support Scheme - This scheme is to encourage students from primary and secondary schools to create and show-and-tell their "make-things" during the Maker Faire Hong Kong 2015, by providing them with technical support and advice.