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LAU, Newman
LEE, Anthony
LEE, Brian
LEE, Tak Chi
LEONG, Benny Ding
LIU, Xihui Sylvia
LAU, Newman
Assistant Professor

MPhil, BSc

Area of Expertise :

Optical Motion Capture Technology, Character Animation, Movement Analysis, Feature Extraction Methods, Motion Sequence Synthesis, Crowd Simulation, Combat Choreography, Training Model, 3D Game Design and Development

Profile :

Newman works as Assistant Professor and has joint Multimedia Innovation Centre in School of Design, Hong Kong Polytechnic University since 2000. He is responsible for teaching courses and supervising projects in the School of Design and School of Electronics Information Engineering. He specializes in capturing and synthesizing human character motion for games and animation. He is the technical supervisor, leading the motion research team and oversees and the Motion Analysis 12-camera optical motion capture studio. His research and development areas of interests include optical motion capture technology, character animation, movement analysis, feature extraction methods, motion sequence synthesis, crowd simulation, combat choreography, training model, and 3D game design and development. His works include a 3D educational computer game for the Government using Lithtech engine, crowd scene simulation, kungfu choreography and synthesis research project funded by ITF and CRG, and various motion capture animation on music video, TV commercials, games and animation for the industry.

Email : Newman.lau

Tel : 2766 4345

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