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BALL, Roger MacLaren
BORIO, Geraldine
BRUYNS, Gerhardes
CHAN, Calvin
CHAN, Edmund
CHAN, Michael
CHAN, Violet
CHONG, Wai Yung
CHOW, Kenny
CHOY, Clifford
CHUAH, Peter
CHUNG, Welby
DEAN, Peter
FUNG, Ho Yin
HAN, Fred
HO, Alex
HUNG, Francis
HUNG, Keung
KAN, Alan
KWOK, Brian
KWOK, Jackie
LAU, Newman
LEE, Anthony
LEE, Brian
LEE, Tak Chi
LEONG, Benny Ding
LIU, Xihui Sylvia
MA, Henry
NG, Clive
NG, Sandy
PAN, Horace
PORTEFAIX, Valerie Marie Francoise
RILL, Bryan
SIU, Kin Wai Michael
SIU, King Chung
SMITH, Martin
SONNTAG, Stefan Rudolf
TAM, Keith Chi-hang
TANG, Ming Xi
WAN, Chi Kwong Bruce
WEI, Huaxin
WONG, Kacey
YIP, Alvin
YIP, Gwen
YIU, Man To
YU, Gino
ZHANG, Victor
YIP, Alvin (Gallery)
Director of JCDISI


Research Area:


Alvin researches across the fields of:
1) Design with social relevance, social value, social impact, and societal change
2) Exhibition, Curatorship and the Biennales
3) Cultural production & Creative industry
4) Pearl River Delta- Public space, Architecture, Urbanism, Metropolitanization
 His recent curatorial works include:
. IntenCities (Helsinki,1999)
. Farm-Cell-Incubator (London,2000)
. Plurale (Rome,2003)
. Spazi Aperti (Rome,2004)
. Roma.Play (Istanbul,2005)
. Urban Trilogy《城戲三幕後》(Hong Kong,2005)
. Third Horizon《新地平線上》 (Hong Kong,2005)
. Traces & Threads: transforming our community heritage《線、索》 (Hong Kong,2006)
. Vice Versa - displacing acts, lives and thresholds of a hyper city《反之亦燃 城市越位》(Venice/Hong Kong,2006)
. Reflections from Public Participation《反反》(Hong Kong,2008)
. HK Architects in China《筑》(Shanghai, 2007)
. Tangible Traces《著迹》(c/o NAi, Hong Kong,2009)
. Response (Hong Kong,2009)
. China Becomings 《潛力量》(Hong Kong,2009)
. Detour on the Beach (Hong Kong,2009)
. Stamps (Hong Kong,2010)
. 10 speculations from Asia (London,2010)
. China Becomings II《潛力量 II》(Hong Kong,2010)
. Urban Apps- Strelka in Hong Kong (Hong Kong,2010)
. Detour in the Prison (Hong Kong,2010)
. Wan Chai Visual Archive (Hong Kong,2011)
. 10 speculations from China (Bilbao,2011)
. 60 sqm. (Berlin,2011)
. Rice Fields (Moscow,2011)
. Researching RICE Lab (Taipei,2011)
. Planet D (Hong Kong,2011)
. De-Mo-City (Cologne,2012)
. Hong Kong Scenes (Berlin,2012)
. Disorientation (Cologne,2012)
. Fashion Guerilla (Paris,2013)
. Trust Campaign (Boisbuchet, 2013)
. Ten days: Social Innovation Festival (Hong Kong, 2013)
. Detour 2013: From Mircotopias to Social Innovation / Detour trams (Hong Kong, 2013)
. Fashion Forward Festival  (Hong Kong, 2013)
His recently completed and ongoing researches include:
. The Asian Biennale: researching micro-scenarios for a creative Randstad 《亞洲雙年展:微觀珠三角創意城市圈》
. Baseline survey of current Biennales, Design fairs and Expositions in East Asia (Phase I)
. Displacements: Hong Kong Environment and Interior Designers in China, 1979-2009
. Inter/faces: Tactics and Representations of National Pavilions at World Expo 2010
. Wan Chai Visual Archive: synergizing cultural hospitality, community arts and urban redevelopment
. Fashion and Lifestyle Design Archive: Creative Redevelopment of Cheung Sha Wan
. 12 Architectural and Interior cases (in Very Hong Kong, John Heskett ed.)
His recently supervised student design theses include:
. Slow frame- a 26km urban interface
. Treeum- natural heritage in Wan Chai
. Game commune- charity casino for active ageing
. Social kitchen- a housewife network
. Backlane Commune- the neglected 40,000m
. Zhou Zheng Yuan 2.0
. Night Out- the mobile community cinema

Area of Expertise :

Exhibition, Biennale, Curatorship, Architecture, Public Space, City design, Urbanism, Model, Cultural and Creative Industry, Pearl River Delta

Profile :


Director of Jockey Club Design Institute for Social Innovation.  Joined PolyU School of Design in 2008, Alvin has been a faculty member and founder of RICE LAB (Research In Competition and Exhibition LABoratory), teaches and researches across the fields of Public space and City design, Exhibition and Curatorship, Creative industry and the Pearl River Delta.

Committed to design for societal change, Alvin is currently Council member of Hong Kong Federation of Design Associations, Board member of Hong Kong Ambassadors of Design, Board member of Hong Kong Architecture Centre, Co-founder of Wan Chai Visual Archive, Co-founder of Fashion Farm Foundation, Management committee of PMQ, Advisory Panel member of Hong Kong Art Museums, Appeal Board Panel member of URA, Nomination committee of China Architecture Award. Alvin has served as Vice-commissioner for Hong Kong in Venice Biennale, Co-Chair of the Hong Kong-Shenzhen Biennale, Committee member of ACABAS, amongst other advisory positions for cultural and professional sectors.

His curatorial projects break new ground at home and internationally, notably DETOUR, the young designer festival in the region, and VICE VERSA, debut of Hong Kong in Venice Architecture Biennale. Dedicated to promote university excellence in creativity, Alvin has been staging student and alumni works at prestigious design exhibitions, design weeks and conferences.

Received his professional terminal degree from the Architectural Association, Alvin has built in Toronto, Manchester, Hong Kong, while his projects exhibited in Rome, London, Barcelona, Helsinki, Istanbul, Berlin, Bilbao, Moscow, Cologne, Paris, Shanghai amongst other cities. Alvin was a winner of Hong Kong Institute of Architects Award in 2007 and the prestigious Rome Scholar in 2004.

Alvin received the Ten Outstanding Young Persons Award 2011 and Chief Executive's Commendation for Community Service on HKSAR 2010 Honours List.






不列顛學院 2004年授予羅馬學人、2007年獲香港建築師學會境外建築獎、2010年獲香港政府行政長官社會服務獎狀、2011年獲香港十大傑出青年。


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