Multimedia Design and Technology (HD)

Career Prospects

This programme will not be offered from 2018/19.

Graduates are employed in a range of roles in design and multimedia
firms as well as other organisations utilising multimedia in manufacturing,
marketing or communication. It is expected that the graduates will
be specifically employed in the areas of advertising media production,
graphic design, mobile app design, web design, interactive multimedia,
video production, computer animation and motion graphics.

Aims and Objectives

In the belief of the use of modern technology in multimedia design as the future of the industry, our programme emphasises knowledge and skills in multimedia production. Students are prepared for key roles working with senior designers or technology managers. They learn creativity within design disciplines and develop an awareness of multimedia technology practices. They also become competent at identifying, analyzing and solving multimedia design problems.


We take a broad-based approach to develop skills in multimedia technology, computer integrated design, communication and awareness of management practices. This is a practical foundation for designing with, and for, digital media technologies.

The variety of electives and real-world projects develop students with specialised skills that they will need to meet the industry’s diverse requirements.

Programme structure

The credit requirements include 18 credits of University Requirement Subjects, 51 credits of Compulsory Subjects and Electives.

Year 1 develops students’ personal competence and skills in using digital media. They also learn the essence of design principles and visual elements.

In Year 2, students learn about transferable skills and how to adapt them to various applications in multimedia design and technology. The independent project develops their interest in the multimedia area and contributes to a strong portfolio for future employment.


General University Requirements (18 credits)
• SD1301 Freshman Seminar: Introduction to Design (3 credits)
• Chinese Language Subject (3 credits)
• English Language Subject I (3 credits)
• English Language Subject II (3 credits)
• Cluster Area Requirements Subject I (3 credits)
• Cluster Area Requirements Subject II (3 credits)

Discipline-Specific Requirements - Compulsory (39 credits)
• SD1302 Design Communication & Visualisation (3 credits)
• SD1303 Digital Visualization (3 credits)
• SD1304 Visual Computing (3 credits)
• SD1305 Design Thinking & Process (3 credits)
• SD2301 Image & Type (3 credits)
• SD2302 Animation (3 credits)
• SD2303 Moving Images (3 credits)
• SD2304 Interactivity (3 credits)
• SD2305 Design History (3 credits)
• SD3005 Co-operative Project (6 credits)
• SD3006 Capstone Project (6 credits)

Discipline-Specific Requirements - 4 Electives (12 credits)
• SD2010 Photographic Imaging (3 credits)
• SD2018 Character Design & Development (3 credits)
• SD2020 Culture Revisited – The Use of Media in “Making” (3 credits)
• SD2032 Digital Video Production (3 credits)
• SD2033 2D Animation (3 credits)
• SD2034 3D Computer Animation (3 credits)
• SD2102 Sound Design (3 credits)
• SD3024 Storytelling by Video (3 credits)
• SD3025 Information Design (3 credits)
• SD3028 Motion Graphics (3 credits)
• SD3032 Programming for Interactivity (3 credits)
• SD3033 Fundamentals of Brand Communication (3 credits)
• SD3100 Web Design & Technology (3 credits)
• SD3101 Desktop Publishing (3 credits)

Brief Programme Outline

This programme will not be offered in 2018/19 admissions. 

Programme Code 3193 (73326) Higher Diploma in Multimedia Design and Technology
Mode of Study Full Time
Number of Credits 69
Normal Period of Study 2 years 
Tuition HK$31,575 per academic year
Intake 50

Programme leader

Bruce Wan — Assistant Professor, MDes. Industrial Design (ENSCI-Paris), Dip. Spatial Design (HK)

Bruce Wan

After graduation from the furniture and spatial design program in Hong Kong, Bruce worked as an interior design consultant.

In 1999 Bruce graduated from the Masters of Design program at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle in Paris. During his stay in Paris he applied his knowledge using a cross-disciplinary approach combining elements from product design, graphic design, video and interactive media. After graduation he created his own design studio.

Bruce currently works as a lecturer at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Tel      (852) 2766 6830

Teaching staff