Urban Environments Lab

Those wondering about the role design plays in city planning need look no further than the newly launched Urban Environments Lab. Co-led by Associate Dean Tim Jachna and Prof. Laurent Gutierrez, the Lab is a newly configured lab that succeeds the former Space Lab. It will continue where the Space Lab left off in striving to observe, understand, analyze and react to the trends and issues affecting cities.

The establishment of the Urban Environments Lab was inspired by a desire to remain inclusive as the Space Lab was, yet pinpoint the commonalities of designing an Asian city from the kind of human-centered, sociologically-based point of view for which PolyU Design is well-known. Environment talks about a context within which human beings have designed and constructed an ensemble of objects through which they build urban life.

The Lab projects range from public art to addressing complex interior typologies such as for hospitality and large-scale retail operations.


V1020, 10/F, JCIT

Contact Person
Prof Timothy Jachna
Email: sdtim@polyu.edu.hk
Tel: 2766 4453

Prof Laurent Gutierrez
Email: sdlgut@polyu.edu.hk
Tel: 2766 5502