Public Design Lab

The Public Design Lab was established in May 2007 with a mission to promote public design in order to serve new and changing urban needs.


  • Promote and develop public design;
  • Advocate and develop FlexiDesign;
  • Advocate and develop an all-round approach in public design;
  • Advocate and develop inclusive public design;
  • Promote d*hk® (i.e. Designed in, by and for Hong Kong);
  • Promote and develop sustainable public environments, facilities and street furniture;
  • Respect, consider and serve the needs and preferences of the deprived, persons with disabilities and persons with special needs;
  • Promote design collaboration with government departments, NGOs, academic and research institutions, and professional bodies at policy, implementation and management levels;
  • Provide professional consultancy on public design;
  • Promote interdisciplinary research on public design; and
  • Nurture designers with creativity, and cultural and social awareness in public design.


Prof Kin Wai Michael SIU, Founder and Lab Leader

  • Research Staff: Chun Hong CHEUNG, Yihua HUANG, Kun LIU, Paul Chi Hang LO, Yi Lin Elaine WONG, Jia Xin XIAO
  • Research Postgraduate Students: Meng Kheong Rico CHAN, Albee CHEN, Giovanni Jesue CONTRERAS GARCIA, Yihua HUANG, Alex King, Angelina LO, Paul Chi Hang LO, Satyakam SHARMA, Oluwole SOYINKA, Kaman TSANG, Weijia (VJ) WANG, Jia Xin XIAO, Penny Mingjie ZHU

V616, 6/F, JCIT

Contact Person
Prof Kin Wai Michael SIU
Tel      (852)2766 5455