PhD Research

Historically the School of Design’s PhD programme commenced with a strong focus on digital design technology during the nineties. Since then, the programme has expanded into several directions, including social design, management, media design, universal design, as well as design studies, culminating in a diversity of research work, comprised out of a 50 strong student body of whom mostly conduct research on a part-time basis.

As set out under the initiatives, all PhD research is encouraged to link to the three distinct themes of Design Social, Design Economy and Design Making.

Over and above the mandatory requirements of completing 15 credits coursework, each PhD thesis has to produce an independently authored PhD thesis document as proof of the creation of new knowledge fields within the various domains of enquiry. In order to facilitate [a] research process, [b] independent thinking and [c] critical engagement the School of Design requires each PhD student to participate in biannual seminars organised in the format of a PhD Winter and Summer Schools.

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Current PhD research:


Strategies for Supporting Innovation in Saudi Arabia: A Comparative Study on Design Strategies with regard to Design Excellence and Economic Value.

2 CHAN, Meng Kheong

Enhancing the Museum Experience for Visually Impaired People in Hong Kong: Haptic-audio Interaction Design (HAID).

3 CHAN, Wing Mui (Helen) Mindfulness and Innovation.
4 CHAN, Yuet Kai  A research on the relationship between knowledge and risk-taking behavior.
5 CHEN, Xin A research on the relationship between knowledge and risk-taking behavior.
6 CHENG, Peiyao Consumer Response to Product Innovations: The Role of Product Appearance.
7 CHENG, Shen Culture-based Emotional Brand Design Approach: A Study Focused on the Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone and the Potential Industry Icon Brands.
8 CHOI, Sau Wai (Athena) The Value of Fashion Photography in the Culture of Social Media.
9 CHUAH, C. K. (Peter) An Investigation into the Use of Digital Storytelling to Promote Memorable Learning Experience for Working Adults.
10 CONTRERAS, Giovanni Jesue Computer-assisted Creativity in Design Education: Use of Computer Tool to Enhance Student's Creative Output.
11 GIBSON, Kathleen Joan Cross-culture and Vernacular Architecture: Kaiping Hybrid Tower Interiors of the Overseas Chinese in the Early Twentieth Century.
12 GUAN, Jing A Design Toolkit for Visually Impaired People on Travelling Experience. 
13 HUANG, Yihua Everyday Practice in Public Living Environment: Contesting Space in an Ever-transforming Urban Area in Hong Kong. 
14 HUNG, Chor Kin Towards an Adaptive User Interface for Music.
15 IP, Chung Man (Tony) Urban Living with Sky Gardens.
16 JIA, Xiao (Micheal) A Study on the Integration of 3D Digital Technologies in the Context of Holographic Production as a New Generation of Films and Entertainments.
17 JIANG, Ying Ageing at Home: An Exploration of the Meaning of 'Home' for Care Design.
18 KIM, Kyulee The Powers of “Creative” Innovative Shared Value as a Source of Design, Business and Social Value Enhancers: An Exploration of the Impact and Implications for Shared Value and Collaborative Solutions. 
19 KING, Pui Yuk (Alex) Universal Product Design for Elderly Living: A Comparative Case Study of User Behavior between Elderly Living Alone and in Residential Care Homes in Hong Kong.
20 LAU, Newman Fractal Analysis on Movement Variability in Spinal Curvature.
21 LEE, Yu Hin (Brian) Decoding Visual Language of Product Design with Grounded Theory.
22 LI, Qingchuan Design and Evaluation of Game-based Interventions for Children with Autism: A Visual Perception Analysis from the Perspective of Human Factors.
23 LI, Wenhua (Vivian) Advertising and the Lifestyle of Middle Class: To what Extent do Advertising Images Influence the Lifestyle of New Middle Class in Post-Reform China?
24 LI, Yang (Karen) Cultural Integration as a New Path for Reforming Design Education in China.
25 LIU, Helene Self-Reflexivity as a pathway to nurture and sustain individual creative processes in the context of innovation and design.
26 LO, Kwok Yin (Angelina) Every Child is a Design Thinker: Exploring ways to Integrate Design Thinking in Art Education for Children and Youth in Hong Kong.
27 LO, Paul Policy and Design for Waste Recycling in Hong Kong Communities.
28 MA, Henry From "Made in China" to "Created in China" - Case Studies of Cultural and Creative Industries Development in China.
29 NASKOVA, Julija Comparative studies of interactive systems that enhance user experience and marketing results on the cloud, with emphasis on Cross Cultural Differences Between China and the USA. 
30 NG, Po Choy Computational Design System for Brand Identity.
31 SHARMA, Satyakam Framework for Conceptualizing Social Innovation for Fostering Sustainable Behavior.
32 SHEEN, Kimberly An Ergonomic Design Investigation of the Future of Electronic Textbooks.
33 SOYINKA, Oluwole Abayomi Urban Informality and Pro-Poor Infrastructure Planning: A Comparative Study of Hong Kong and Lagos Metropolis.
34 TAM, Kelvin Brand Sustainability and Social Innovation in Hong Kong
35 TAN, Liang (Ricky) An Embodied Approach to the Design of Interactive Ambient Media.
36 TIAN, Yao (Yolanda) Finding and Broken Links in the Design Thinking Process in Chinese Designs through Systematic and Culture Based Innovation.
37 TSANG, Ka Man Formation of “Creative Community” and the Making of Vibrant “Cultural and Creative Clusters” in Hong Kong.
38 WAN, Chi Kwong (Bruce) Flourishing Through an eTourism Platform- HCI model on Fostering Tourists’ Eudaimonic Growth in Cultivating Character Strengths and Serious Leisure Pursuits. 
39 WANG, Chaoguang The Value System of Player and their Relations to in-Game Behavior in a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game. 
40 WANG, Shisi Creating the Online Images of Cities Populated with Chinese Ethinic Groups: Taking Tibetan Cities as an Example.
41 WANG, Weijia (VJ) The Pedestrian Bridge as Everyday Place: An Urban Reference of Placemaking in a High-Density Context.
42 WERNLI, Markus Fermenting the City – Embodied Affinities for Closing Energy and Material Cycles in Hong Kong.
43 WONG, Shuk Kwan (Barbara) An Aesthetic Experience Approach to Designing Monitoring Systems for Chronic-conditioned People to Support Self-care - The Case in Hong Kong.
44 XI, Xiao Chao Ideograph and Cognitive Semantics: Relationship Between Morphemic Symbols and Designed Artefacts in China.
45 XIAO, Jia Xin (Cynthia) The Relationship between Waste and Human: Household and Community Participation in Recycling and Public Recycling Facility Design in Hong Kong.
46 XUE, Bai A Framework for Culture-based Design Innovation for the Protection and Development of Intangible Cultural Heritages.
47 ZHANG, Mengting (Mickey) From Industrial Product Age to Artificial Intelligence Era: A Framework for Innovation Pattern Measurement and Design Concept Generation – Based on Product Attributes Study.
48 ZHU Mingjie Using Participatory Design in Urban Community Building: Case Studies in Hong Kong and Shanghai.
49 Aruna VENKATESH A Study on the Learning Development of Interior Design Students in Designing Interior Spaces.
50 Ying JIANG Aging at Home: An Exploration of the Meaning of 'Home' for Care Design.
51 Shah Parth BHARAT 3D Human Head and Face Modelling Considering Both, 3D Shape Variance and Soft Tissue Deformation Parameters.
52 Louie T. NAVARRO The Perfection of the Interior Render: Reconsidering Representations in Interior Design and its Impact on Thinking, Practice, and Policy.
53 Lusha HUANG Enhancing the Digital Products Experience for Visuion-impaired People Using Empathic Design.
54 Jiaxin ZHANG The Children's Head-face Shapes and Spectacle Frames Design.
54 Fang FU 3D ear anthropometric research and product designing application for Chinese population.

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