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The School of Design and the Professor of Research publishes weekly events, announcements and key aspects regarding research. Students and faculty members are advised to consult this page regular to stay informed on the Schools various research incentives.  


1 November 2016
15 October 2016
1 October 2016
15 September 2016
1 September 2016

Current Updates

April 2016

On April 16-17, Sylvia Liu and I participated in the forum "Design Research: Factual and Theoretical Basis" organised by a network of Chinese design schools with PhD programs. The forum takes place twice a year, and this was the third edition. It was hosted by the School of Design of Hunan University in Changsha. The group's members were Hunan, Jiangnan, National Cheng Kung University (Taiwan), PolyU, Tongji, Tsinghua,... (read more) 

Upcoming Talk(s)

18 November 2016: Design Social Colloquia: 'Design and Resilience: its potential, its limits, and ways forward' with Ezio Manzini

22-26 August 2016 PolyU Design PhD Seminar Summer Session 2016
12 May 2016 Autonomous Infrastructures: Forms of Decay by Dr. Pelin Tan
21 March 2016 'Design When No-one is a Designer' by Prof. Guy Julier
19 February 2016 'Ergonomics Evaluation in Product Design' by Dr. Yan Luximon
4 February 2016 'Critical Objects and the "Transhumanist" Turn' by Mr. Patrick Healy
22 January 2016 'The Appeal of the Inorganic, Towards a New Materialist Aesthetics' by Mr. Patrick Healy
15 December 2015

December Seminar of Design Research
- 'Citarasa Enginerring for Design of Affective Product Design' by Dr. Halimahtun M. Khalid & Prof Martin G. Helander
- 'Substainability in HCI and Design: How to Do Less with Design' by Prof Eli Blevis

10 December 2015 'From the Leading Edge Towards the Dull Edge of Technology: Practice Studies and HCI' by Prof Kari Kuutti
3 December 2015 Food Designing: Marti Guixe on Food Design
6 November 2015 'Design Activism as a Form of Social Design' by Dr. Thomas Markussen
16 October 2015 'The Object of Social Design: Fashioing Entanglements' by Dr. Gordon Hush
29 September 2015 Connecting Art & Design: Culture, Society, and Lifestyle - Dr. Sandy Ng
Strolling through Design Research in Germany - Prof. em. Dr. Uta Brandes / Prof. em. Dr. Michael Erlhoff
28 May 2015 Public Design: A Matter of Gōng (公) and Gòng
7 May 2015 Consumer Response Towards Product Design
15 April 2015 Making Meaning of Interaction: An Interpretive and Cognitive Approach to User Experience

11 March 2015

Designing Effective Medicine Information for Senior Citizens in Hong Kong